🎉The BEST coffee monthly to your door for only $20 a month🎉


Why do we offer only ground coffee?

We ground our coffee so that you don’t have to. We take the work out of having delicious coffee, which includes grinding it. Coffee grounded 24 hours after roasting and kept in a sealed bag, like ours, maintains freshness for 30-45 days. 

What if the coffee goes beyond 30 days?

If it looks like your coffee is going to last you longer than 30 days or you want to hold on to the rest of your coffee for a special occasion, put it in the freezer. Yes, we said put it in the freezer. Take it out when you're ready to use and allow to defrost at room temperature and it's back to fresh.

Will I know what type of coffee I get in each drop?

Yep! on the back of your bag you'll have all the deets on your drop. All of our coffee is traceable from farm to cup. You'll learn about the farm, the region and the roast level. 

Is Coffee Drop only available as a subscription?

Right now, yes. We want you to have good coffee every month and curate our relationship with our partner farms around that consisteny. In the future we may offer some limited time Drops, but for now the only way to receive our product is through subscription, which you can cancel at any time.

Who are you guys? How can I trust you know good coffee?

Coffee Drop is brought to you by Sips Coffee Roasters, learn extensively about us here, or shop our sister site. We are coffee roasters. Period. We don't buy from other coffee roasters and are not 3rd party fulfillers. We eat, drink, sleep, and drink again coffee. We roast from our coffee roasting facility in Miami, Florida.